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The company was incorporated in 1998 for the purpose of providing middleware to game developers. In its first year, the company released the classic 3DGE game engine, which was used in over 30 published products. Since then, the company has been involved in numerous other developments.

The founding partners Jukka Liimatta and Thomas Carlsson still play an integral part in our core business of providing solutions to the most challenging technical problems.


We offer custom development for PC (CPU and GPU processing via Shaders, Cuda, and Boost), Android, iOS, XBox, and PS3.

We're located in Helsinki, Finland, but routinely deal with companies around the world.

We're happy to quote for projects of all sizes, from specialised modules to complete turn-key solutions.


The Prophecy SDK

A royalty-free multi-platform C++ multimedia SDK. Includes fast template 3D math library, image importers/exporters, a fast and flexible image class, blitting support, keyboard/mouse interfacing, etc. Available for Windows and Linux!

The Prophecy SDK (Build 350) (1.27 Mb)


The Twilight 3D Wallpaper (769.05 Kb)

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For quickest turn-around, please direct all enquiries to [email protected]. A brief description of your project, contact details and expected time-frames will help us get back to you with a quote straight away!

For slower correspondence, our registered mailing address is:

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